To refuse tobacco smokers makes economic crisis

Italian officials took an active fight against Smoking, and this helps them to successfully economic recession. According to the research of the Ministry of health, among persons 15 years and older the number of smokers decreased by about 1.9% from 2011 to 2012, which is 10.8 million. Over the last six years this is the first positive dynamics, the newspaper says Xinhua.

According to Roberta Pacifici from the Ministry of health, the most important legislative act in the fight against Smoking in the last two decades, of course, is the ban on advertising of Smoking, and Smoking in places of public importance. In the near future taboo of Smoking can also be spread on gardens, parks, stadiums and back yards hospitals.

While developing economic crisis may have a significant impact on Italian smokers and influenced so powerfully than state measures. Italian smoker spend on cigarettes per week of about 30 euros. Most smokers decided to abandon such significant expenses in a difficult time of crisis.

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However, to a global reduction in the number of smokers is still quite far away. According to the survey, 76.2 percent of smokers say that cigarettes are the second thing that they would last refused. The first thing the Italians called sex.

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