To reduce the risk of breast cancer, scientists advise women to give birth to 20

The leading scientists of the Swiss University found that the birth of a child under the age of 20 years helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women twice. This trend is due to the work of the special genes that are produced in the body of pregnant girls that offer adequate security and protection of breast tissue from malignant tumors.

A number of rodent experiments showed that the interaction between pairs of genes Notch and Wnt, and their influence on breast tissue of rats, which give the offspring undergoes changes compared with mice of the same age, offspring were not.

These genes are components of the system, endowed with opposite functions. They control cellular metabolism in the human body. The researchers, through the use of microchips, were able to establish that the activity of a gene No. 1 is associated with feminization and after pregnancy was significantly reduced. With regard to gene No. 2, he, on the contrary, became possessed of greater strength and activity.

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Hence, the birth mother, whose age has not reached 20 years, reduces the risk of developing breast cancer in the human population by half.

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