To recover face after a dog bite took 358 leeches

Swedish surgeons took 358 leeches to restore a large piece of the woman's face, which was attacked by a dog.

Fortunately after the attack, the relatives of the women were able to save a piece of torn skin and keep it cold until the arrival of the doctors. In the past month, the incident has deprived women of the piece of the face from the upper lip to eye. However, for the 15-hour operation with experts from the University hospital of skåne, malmö with the help of more than three hundred leeches restored bleeding in the damaged skin.

Leeches helped to restore the natural circulation with the help contained in their saliva" blood-thinning fluid.

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Supplier of leeches in the hospital was unable to cope with the required amount, so that the remains were brought by plane from the UK.

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