To obesity and diabetes lead cosmetics and tanning

Chemical substances in excess contained in the artificial tanning and various cosmetic products have a direct relationship with obesity and diabetes. We are talking here about the phthalates found in the above means, the danger of which has long been in the public domain.

Chemical colorless substance phthalates in large quantities in products targeted at the mass consumer. Scientists from the University of Uppsala (Sweden) it was found that the more often the effects of phthalates exposed person, the higher his likelihood of weight gain. Even in "moderate" doses in the bloodstream, these substances can increase twice the risk of developing diabetes.

In the world annually produces about one billion tons of phthalates that are in cosmetics, plastic bottles, and household cleaners are used as gel agents. Humanity phthalates applies for more than half a century. Recently, a growing number of scientific studies, which give the opportunity to make an assumption about the negative impact of phthalates on human health.

In particular, there is the assertion that these substances contribute to the deposition of subcutaneous fat "rapidly", and especially in the area of the abdomen. In addition, in connection with active contact with phthalates in the body increases insulin resistance, which significantly undermines the balance of hormones in the body. We are not only in the skin RUB yourself phthalates, when using artificial tanning or makeup, but them involuntarily inhaled. In the manufacture of perfumes these substances is necessary in order to increase the "life" of the smell, but also to prolong the shelf life of the product itself.

"For products that contain phthalates, people "get" excess weight and turn into a victim of diabetes," says Professor Monica Lind head of research. Phthalates are present in creams for the face, auto-tan, make-up, and also, alas, spirits. They are quite easily absorbed into the bloodstream by the body, and it happens directly through the skin. Phthalates men have antitestosterone action, which is associated with weight gain, and women become victims of hormonal imbalance. This imbalance similar to that which occurs during menopause or entry into puberty.

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