To normalize cholesterol - beef is the best remedy

In order to achieve a significant reduction of cholesterol level, researchers are advised to pay attention to the beef, reports The Times of India, in turn, with referring to the American journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The staff of the University, in Pennsylvania, was established: the presence in the diet daily lean beef ultimately leads to a significant reduction in the overall level of cholesterol and, in particular, the so-called "bad cholesterol". As for cores, this fact is extremely important.

The influence of the "beef" diets scientists was tested on a group of volunteers diagnosed with moderately high cholesterol. The researchers varied the amount received in food beef and watched as he changed the cholesterol level.

As a result, 10% decreased the concentration of "bad cholesterol" and it is through consumption of only 113-153 grams of beef. Experts recommended the inclusion of beef in your daily diet, at the same time rejecting prevailing today, the prejudice and the belief that meat, in contrast, blood vessels and heart harm.

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