To massage the child yourself or go to a massage therapist?

With the birth of a child in the life of a young mother things are changing. Including my mother appear and new skills. We all know that in the first months of his life to the child, as never needed full body massage. In this case, you can do the massage yourself, or you can use the services of a professional masseur.

"Pros" and "cons" self massage

Each young mother is afraid to hurt the child. Especially if the child first. Typically, not all young girls have the skills of massage, so it feels awkward hands. But over time, the fear goes away, and the arms move more confidently.

All girls love long nails. And in this period of them will forget. Even if they are slightly grow, there is a risk to hurt the child. In addition, you should pay special attention to the cleanliness of their hands.

After painting the girls mostly wear wedding rings. And not only wedding. Therefore, rings and watches should be removed, putting on the place where they just can't forget.

During the massage you can communicate with your baby through gestures and touch, which is an advantage in the conduct of self-massage.

Also, when you do the massage to your child with your own hands, you do not have anyone to wait and no need to adapt to a specialist.

And if you don't know how to do massage at home, in this case, you will help the Internet where there are a large number of training videos. And you can use the books. Believe me, they are really a lot!

"Pros" and "cons" of professional massage

There are times when a child just need the help of a professional masseur. For example, if the pediatrician has prescribed therapeutic massage or have any concerns.

But all the same services of a massage therapist is quite expensive. Especially when you consider that massage your child needs daily. Thus, this service comes at a good "penny".

And if you don't really want to cut his nails or take more time for yourself beloved, you can also refer to a specialist.

In any case, every young parents only to decide that their child will be better - gentle, warm and familiar hands of the mother or the services of a professional masseur.

But we must remember that a massage must be done correctly. It is necessary for a full, active and harmonious development of the child.

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