To lose you because of sweets

As scientists have found, from the abuse of sweets may suffer not only the figure but also vision.

According to experts, when the level of sugar in the blood, a serious threat are almost all internal organs of the human body: the liver, kidneys, heart. As you know, when excessive use may develop type II diabetes.

According to Independent News, a possible complication of diabetes can result in damage to the eyeball, which can cause glaucoma, cataracts, or even blindness.

According to the recommendations of ophthalmologists should pay attention, do not cause whether eaten sweets changes acuity. When alternating during the day it is improving, worsening of view it can be assumed that the blood sugar level changes. In such cases, as advised by doctors, requires a visit to a specialist.

It should be noted that glaucoma is a large group of eye diseases characterized by increased intraocular pressure, which vision may deteriorate before the onset of blindness.

The first stage in the development of diseases associated with impaired outflow from the eye, then there is an increase in pressure, poor circulation in the eye and adjacent tissue, which leads to hypoxia. Due to atrophy of the optic fibers are destroyed by cells of the retina.

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