To lose weight, you need to monitor your weight every day

In the process of losing weight is important not only to the children, physicians consider. Required physical activity and weight control is not only in the period of weight loss, but after the departure from the strict diet. Daily check the weight helps in losing pounds. I wonder what method works best for men.

Scientists conducted an experiment. 162 volunteers with overweight lost weight and stored the results in two years. For each examinee at the time of the study attached nutritionist, advising on all necessary issues.

The volunteers lost weight according to the scheme: deliverance one cent of their weight. To achieve this result is quite simple. After fixing of the result within ten days needed to lose another cent. It was not until ten percent of the initial weight.

Daily observation of the results helped the volunteers to hold the weight and to motivate yourself to further improve your body. David Levitsky, Professor of nutrition and psychology at Cornell University, I'm sure to post the results just to have on hand a notebook with a pen or a file in Exel.

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