To lose weight on a diet of fatty foods

Scientists from Israel came to the conclusion that losing weight can help even a diet high in fat with the right approach. This diet creates a special metabolism, which received the fats will not be delayed in the body, and immediately be recycled into energy.

Researchers from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem decided to conduct an experiment on the influence of the diet on a strict schedule with a high-fat diet on weight. Within 18 weeks they fed the mice with fatty foods on a strict timetable. In other groups of mice were fed food with low fat content according to the same strict timetable, and the third low-fat food without regime. The fourth group was able to eat food high in fat. As expected, most of all had gained weight and the mouse who ate foods high in fats without any mode.

However, it turned out that the second group treated with fatty foods on schedule, it was much easier in the end, the group treated with low-fat foods without graphics. Scientists were surprised by the metabolism of the experimental group of mice eaten them fat is not deposited in the body, and immediately went to obtain energy for life activities during breaks in the meal.

Researchers believe that the schedule in eating and maintaining a healthy weight is more important than the level of fat content of the product. Even when consuming fatty foods produced metabolism can easily convert the resulting food into energy, if the body becomes accustomed to a strict diet. Because losing weight should not pay so much attention to caloric intake, how many distinct diet.

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