To live to a hundred, need luck, not health

Scientists have found that neither diet nor exercise does not affect your chances to live to a hundred years.

American scientists have studied the 500 people at the age from 95 to 109 years and compared them with more than 3,000 other born with them at the same time people.

They found that lived a long life also ate a lot, had bad habits and even suffered from obesity as well as those of their peers, who died long ago. Scientists from the Medical College albert Einstein say that all people in the age of one hundred years have identified certain genes that protected them from the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. However, critics continue to insist that only a healthy lifestyle may affect the duration of a person's life. In fact, the great value has the original set of genes.

Identified by scientists genes significantly increase the level of so-called "good cholesterol", which neutralize the harmful effects on the human body.

109 year old male from experiment told that smoked for almost 90 years, moreover, used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day. With such data the majority of people have died from lung cancer, but the man lived to a ripe old age.

Although this study shows that the chance to live to a hundred years e influence our habits, but still need to smoke less and to monitor their weight, then people will be less likely to develop opportunistic infections.

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