To live longer will help slow jog

Scientists believe: "to Increase the life expectancy of six years in case a week to do a slow jog for just one hour". Moreover, there is absolutely no need to run quickly. Jogging is many times more useful than a grueling workout, writes The Daily Mail.

So, slow, slow running or Jogging at normal speed for 1-2 hours per week men can live longer by 6.2 years and women is the longer of the order of 5.6 years, thereby reducing the risk of death by 44 percent.

The above conclusions were held in the framework of Cardiology research, held in Copenhagen (Denmark). The study involved about 20 thousand men and women in the age category of 20-93 years. According to experts: "Slow running gave subjects multiple benefits".

The main advantage of running to increase the absorption of oxygen. Then running helps to reduce pressure, to prevent the development of obesity, improve heart function, as well as state of mind.

Peter Sehr - doctor of the University hospital Bispebjer States: "as for the state in the psychological aspect, it is also improved, because while running, people tend to communicate with their colleagues."

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