Start reading with children should be as early as possible and to do it regularly. Scientists from India in the survey of 1,700 parents and children has proven an interesting fact. If the child from the first years of life to read 6-7 times a week aloud, and then to teach him to read independently, the chance to instill a love of books increase almost twice. This tells the newspaper The Hindustan Times.

Parents reading aloud increases vocabulary and Outlook of the children. A lot of things except from books, the child is simply not from where you do not know. Especially like the children choose books independently. According to the survey, 86% of the children who come to their favorite books on their own, without the help of parents.

More than half of students aged under 17 years admitted they like motivating books, forcing to change. 55% of children considered the literature from which cherpnut something new, 43% liked adventure novels and detectives.

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