To instill genital papilloma cheaper than cure

Agency for health protection in the UK has published a study according to which the treatment of sexually transmitted genital warts cost to the health budget in England in 17 million pound sterling.

Scientists believe that the number of cases and costs for the treatment of genital warts can be significantly reduced by the vaccine tetravalent HPV.

The study revealed that only in 2008 in the UK found 149000 disease genital warts, of which 80500 infections and 68000 relapse of old diseases.

The average individual cost of treatment of this disease tends to 113 pounds, including diagnosis and treatment. If we consider a General survey in specialized clinics, to which many resort after the appearance of warts, then the total cost can be added to 7.8 million.

Currently, vaccination of girls aged 12 to 13 years covers 80 percent of the population, but it is only since 2008, so most adult women do not have immunity.

Health officials hope that the population itself will begin to resort to vaccination that will help in the future to reduce budget costs.

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