To infertility can lead components lipstick

Based on the results of recent studies have shown that the substances in the chemical industry, which is often one component of a popular composition of cosmetics, can be one of the main causes of allergies, heart problems and have a negative impact on the process of fertilization.So, for example, lipstick contains the following hazardous components: lead, methacrylate, parabene, and cadmium. But perhaps the greatest danger is triclosan, which is composed of lipstick is a preservative. Experts say that triclosan is a battery all sorts of problems with the heart and blood vessels, as well as negative impact on the tone and strength of muscles.Due to the impact of triclosan in women can have problems with their fertility. This component is also significantly increases the level of male hormones, and this is a real risk of weight gain and excessive hair growth, and that is undesirable, disorders of the menstrual cycle. But what is most dangerous is the prospect of infertility.Association of cosmetic producers expressed the protest, saying that the results of research she does not agree, citing its rejection of the results by the fact that scientists have studied the influence of the components of cosmetics on animals and not on humans.

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