To identify malingerers among patients will help supercomputer

Scientists have managed to develop a computing device that is able to determine the degree of intensity a person experiences pain, characteristic changes in the expression of his face. This will improve the accuracy of the choice of methods of treatment and will help to identify among patients malingerers, who in this way try to get prescriptions for painkillers.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Cohn, the system promises to be incredibly functional diagnostic tool, because the ways of perception and expression of pain – related emotions is a very individual thing, so the doctor is not always able to find out how the patient is really bad.

In the future such a system might be implemented in the form of applications for mobile platforms, which the doctors will simply install on their gadgets.

The principle of operation detector "pain" is quite simple: a computer program "acquainted" with a large amount of video data containing video of patients feeling pain.

As a result, the computer got the ability to detect even almost invisible signs of pain.

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