To get rid of excess weight can be with Pepsi-Cola

Range trading network Japan has added to Pepsi-Cola with unique properties. According to the manufacturer, all properties of this drink include not only successful quenching thirst, but also help anyone to lose weight.

Such an unusual property of the drink got after its composition has introduced a new feature called dextrin, which is a polysaccharide having the ability to bind fats.

First of dextrin was known as substances derived from starch for conversion into the mouth of a person under the influence of consumption of carbohydrates. Property dextrin is to slow the absorption of fat and reduce cholesterol in the blood. The appearance of this unique drink, for the first time in the world developed on the basis of Pepsi-Cola became the stores in Japan.

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As reported by the manufacturers, in their plans to offer during the Christmas holidays one of the novelties that will amaze consumers - Pepsi-Cola with rum flavor.

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