To diseases of the spine tend the children, who suffered intrauterine hypoxia

Employees of the Institute Victor Chang recommend: "Pregnant women whose relatives suffer from congenital defects of various pathologies, should be careful to approach the activity with the potential to cause reduction of oxygen levels in the fetus".

As it turned out, the children with an increased risk (genetic level) scoliosis, often born with this deviation, if at some point of fetal development they have experienced suffering from an acute shortage of oxygen. Professor Sally Dunwoody States: "the Analogy laws also applies to some other defects like congenital heart disease", on their pages, the newspaper notes ABC News.

To reduce the parametric data of oxygen, and thereby to provoke the birth of a child with many diseases, can also the following factors: presence of significant height (lesson climbing), Smoking, various drugs and medications, as well as anemia, which was observed in the mother.

Tests using rodents have shown the following results: babies whose mothers spent about 8 (or more) hours in an environment with relatively low oxygen content, often had abnormalities in the development of the spine.

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