To disease, eating flesh, led injection fashionable drug

The use of "bath Salt" drug use improvised substances known under other names "Aura", "ivory Wave", "Vanilla sky", and, indeed, something similar to bath salts can cause terrible consequences. As a vivid example of the printed Agency The Daily Mail quotes the episode with the participation of 34-year-old woman who had been injected with "Salt" in hand.

As a result, she began to develop necrotizing fasciitis and surgeons under the leadership of Dr. Russell Russo from Louisiana University were forced to make the amputation of the patient's arm, shoulder, collarbone and that scary - chest. It is known that, almost immediately after the injection, the hand began to blush, and suddenly appeared unrelenting pain.

Doctors initially thought the woman trivial infection of the skin, and it began to treat with antibiotics, which were briefly able pain to remove. However, on the site of the injection, all the same, no matter what the pain remained. When the patient is already desperate to get some relief, told them that she had made for herself an injection of the drug, the doctors had to perform emergency surgery to prevent the spread fasciitis.

Experts report: "the Infection has spread very rapidly, at the same time provoking a truly large-scale destruction of muscle tissue. It is believed that the necrotizing fasciitis caused by bacteria that "eat raw meat". Usually this disease is linked to Streptococcus, but sometimes that is invoked simultaneously by multiple pathogens.

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