To control mice and in the distance, say us researchers

Affect the brain of rodents and to subordinate their actions to the wishes of the person can be using special implants. The researchers developed a special device, in which control mice.

Despite the fact that the size of the implant is comparable to the size of a normal human hair, it contains substances that affect the neural system of rodents and causing contraction of individual muscle groups. Depending on the dose of drug administered to the brain of experimental animals, remotely they can be made to perform certain movements.

For this discovery, according to scientists, lies more practical application. Because now you can begin to develop new antidepressants, surpassing their predecessors in efficiency. It is not excluded that with the help of these implants will be able to put an end to chronic pain by gradually injecting the necessary medicines. The researchers believe that their discovery will lead humanity to the invention means that redeems man from various addictions.

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