To conceive a child is better in the winter — scientists

Conception is an interesting and relevant theme for that couple that wants to have a baby. People of ancient times trying to solve the mystery of the birth of a new life. Unfortunately, many mysteries remained unsolved.

Researchers in Switzerland believe that if you conceive in the winter, it will be more slender. Because his body can most efficiently burn fat deposits. This information reports The Daily Mail. Recently it was found that children who were conceived in winter have more brown fat. Fat cells have the ability to burn white fat to obtain heated for the entire body.

The experiments were conducted on animals. Mice that mated at low temperatures, give birth to kids with high content of brown fat. But there is reason to think that may also be affected by the temperature, which is home to the parents prior to conception. When exposed to low temperatures epigenetic changes can persist for a long time.

Scientists have found that if males keep at a relatively low temperature prior to mating, then the offspring a large amount of brown fat. For females low temperature was not affected. Semen analysis showed that there are changes in gene activity. You can say that launched the process of adaptation.

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