To combat infection use social networks

Experts from the University of Kansas was established model to study the spread of the epidemic with a view to its prevention. The result was the discovery of interesting fact: the emergence of social networking messages about the danger of infection, published an authoritative person or public body, causes a greater effect compared to hand washing when visiting public places or vaccination.

After the survey revealed that the source of information most young people now are mostly different social networks. The stories of many of the respondents, to perform the necessary preventive measures encourage their messages to friends on social networks or known and respected personalities. For example, the treatment of singers or actors, calling to wash their hands or to get vaccinated.

According to the authors of the study, recently there are many signs of progress in the fight against various infectious diseases. This is facilitated by vaccination of the population and the developed scheme of prevention and therapy. Currently seeking new directions in the fight against disease. This question involves the use of technical progress.

Now professionals need to find ways that would ensure dissemination of information in social networks.

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