To buy birth control in 13 years

English national health system (NHS) according to the results of studies have recently decided to make the state a proposal to sell contraceptives without a prescription girls, Dating back thirteen years, reports The Sun.

For this research, the representatives of the NHS gave permission five different pharmacies in the South-East of the capital of great Britain to sell oral contraceptives without prescription needed girls from the age of sixteen. In this part has the most cases of unwanted teenage pregnancies in the city.

Forty-six percent of women who bought contraceptives under the new scheme, used them only for the first time. Of course, young girls are embarrassed to ask the doctor about the birth control pill, however, you feel good about on-site pharmacy, where there is a small probability that they will meet any of his friends.

However, in the process of selling oral contraceptives girls whose age is less than sixteen years old, pharmacists will require to persuade their young women to discuss this step with your parents. Undoubtedly, the pharmacist must be completely sure that the child understands what he is doing, and will continue sexual relations irrespective of whether to buy it or contraceptives or not. In addition, the pharmacist should ensure that if he will refuse to sell contraceptives, the girl's health in any case will not be affected.

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