To become an optimist, you need every day to drink a Cup of coffee

There is a useful rule: "do Not worry about many things, and you will experience many". This simple recommendation is based on the uncontested fact that many diseases are caused on the grounds of chronic stress. But to improve the mood and increase the stress keeps coffee.

Not counting the fact that caffeine increases the overall tone of the body, in this main component an aromatic drink distilled from grains found the ability to stimulate areas of the brain, which is responsible for the formation of a positive perception of the world.

These findings are contained in the work of German researchers from Ruhr University, who was interested in the intricacies of the impact of coffee on the human brain. Previous experiments have repeatedly confirmed the opinion, in which all coffee lovers no doubt arose: moderate doses of caffeine contribute to a significant improvement in concentration and acceleration of thought processes.

33 participants from the experimental group received from the authors of the study for 30 minutes before beginning of the experiment, the caffeine in the form of tablets (200 mg). Control group the same number of subjects took placebo tablets.

After this, each participant was offered as soon as possible to determine from appearing on the monitor screen of letter combinations such, which is a meaningful word. Demonstrated to the participants of the study words had as neutral ("table", "window") meaning, and wore the emotional colouring: positive ("kind", "gentle") and negative ("abomination", "soulless").

It turned out that the recognition of words with positive overtones, participants who took up the experiment caffeine marked in the amount of 7% more of what was shown their counterparts who received placebo. At the same time, words with neutral and negative painting this pattern was not found.

According to study leader Lars, Kuchinke, caffeine not only stimulates thought processes in General, but also shows the ability to selectively increase the positive perception.

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