To be happy, you need to buy things that you can touch

No virtual buy will not make a person equally happy that material thing. The effect of happiness from new things that you can touch, is much higher than from buying a yearly subscription to your favorite Internet channel or the digital album on iTunes. That's why most stores that sell intangible things, trying to turn them into tangible. So there are shelves of virtual libraries, electronic catalogs, music and many other things that we're used to and face every day.

Even the purchase of paper tickets to the theater or cinema brings more joy than their booking and payment via the Internet. However, many things are fading, and the meaning of some concepts is lost. Increasingly buy digital substitute for the real thing.

However, many purchases can not be replaced with a digital counterpart. New clothes, according to experts, brings a lot of joy, even if the purchase itself is insignificant in financial terms.

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