To alcoholics stroke coming on 15 years earlier

Chronic consumption of more than 3 drinks of alcohol in a day, for 15 years before leads to the development of stroke than nondrinkers people speak French researchers from the University of Lille.

As you know, alcohol has always been an important factor in increasing the probability of the occurrence of a cerebral hemorrhage (stroke). Researchers in France conducted a study that found effects of alcohol consumption from the point of view of time, that is, at what age can happen the first stroke. The study examined data histories 540 people with an average age indicator 71. Each of the subjects has already experienced a stroke. Study participants were directed to a computer tomography of a brain, and they had to give answers on the subject of their habits in the use of alcohol. These same questions were answered and friends of patients. It turned out that 25% of them (137 people) are chronically abuse alcohol. Every day they received 3 or more doses (approximately 50 grams) of pure alcohol.

The study showed that those who like to drink a stroke for the first time overtook at an average age of 60 years, or 14 years earlier than their non-drinking peers. Moreover, according to scientists, alcoholics, survivors of the attack, brain haemorrhage earlier 60 years are more likely to die within 2 years after that.

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