To adopt children with HIV cannot, ruled the Supreme court of Russia

In the Supreme court considered the case. A resident of Moscow filed a lawsuit challenging the legislation. By today's standards it is impossible to adopt or to take custody of the children if the doctors at the guardian diagnose infectious disease. HIV and hepatitis C are included in this list.

Moskvich tried to overturn the law, referring to standards for the treatment of patients with HIV patients. By law, patients must not be discriminated against, they should be granted all the rights of a free citizen of the Russian Federation. If you follow all the precautions, according to the plaintiff, guardianship and adoption, there is nothing dangerous.

The Ministry of health has the opposite opinion. A man does not die from the virus HIV and related diseases, developing as a result of immune deficiency. Pneumonia and fungal infections are common in HIV. In the infected person is the real danger. If a fungal infection of lungs do not apply to adults, the child can easily pick up the infection, which in his case threatens to be fatal.

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