Tips that will help you get pregnant faster

In the life of any couple there comes a time when you desire obavestiti child, but sometimes when all efforts to get pregnant does not work. If your health is all right, but pregnancy does not occur do not worry, maybe you're just missing a little bit. If you are wondering how to get pregnant, then these tips will help you with this.

1) Ovulation.

To catch ovulation is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Usually it comes on the 14-16 day cycle. That is, if your cycle is 28 days, then ovulation is on day 14. If 32 days, then on day 16. As of the occurrence of ovulation indicate intermittent pain in the left or right ovary. Usually they do not cause discomfort and takes only a couple of days. Allocation in the period of ovulation is also changing. Become more abundant and texture resemble egg whites.

In order to accurately catch ovulation to stop unsafe preferably from 13 to 18 days of the cycle. Because ovulation is not always comes in time.

If you have problems on gynecology or irregular menstruation, go before planning a gynecologist. You will be asked to hand over smears on flora and take a blood test for hormone analysis.

If you are unable to catch ovulation "popular" ways you can do an ultrasound. The doctor will see how Mature your follicles, and on the basis of these results will be referred to as the approximate day of ovulation.

2) Weight.

In the planning period of the kid it should also monitor their weight. Too overweight, as well as too large shortage of great influence on fertility. Refrain for a time from the diet. Now most important for you to make a healthy baby. Men with sudden weight loss or weight gain is produced fewer sperm.

3) a Healthy lifestyle.

Again, without fanaticism. Be sure to eat meat! Fresh vegetables and fruits, the man also advisable to eat more seafood, meat, fresh vegetables.

Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and other addictions. Because males from cigarettes worsens the quality of sperm, and women disrupted the ovaries.

Try not to protiviti and avoid contact with hoarse people.

You should also refuse potent drugs.

4) the Choice of position.

Women with a bend of a uterus gynecologists recommend the use of the position of the "man behind". The rest will fit any position. After intercourse, it is advisable to rest for about 15 minutes with the cast on the wall by the foot or on the left side.

5) Stress.

Try in the planning period to avoid any stressful situations. Walk at a relaxing massage or yoga. Do not be nervous on trifles and configure your thoughts positively.

6) Frequency of sexual contacts.

Since the sperm in men accumulates gradually, the best is having sex every other day during ovulation.

7) if it doesn't?

If you are completely healthy, to become pregnant usually happens on the first attempt. If within half a year or year you are unable to conceive a baby is to consult the experts. Often the woman is examined by gynecologist, but also worth a visit endocrinologist. If you have identified abnormalities in the hormones, the doctor will prescribe you the right treatment. Look for a competent professional and remember that thoughts materialize. So think about your baby and very soon he would receive from you.

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