Tips: how to quit drinking?

Dare to quit drinking for most people is a very difficult task, and many even hard to admit to ourselves in the presence of alcohol dependence. Many do not know how to quit drinking, and most importantly where to start. Below are tips that will support your decision to quit drinking and to continue my life without alcohol.

1) Consult your doctor, if you don't want breaking proceeded painfully. When the symptoms of withdrawal - panic attack with a strong fever, runny nose, tears and salivation, severe sweating and painful vomiting, you should seek immediate medical assistance.

2) Change your opinion on the solution - "how to quit drinking". Remember that you throw not his best friend, who cared about you, and Vice versa, are exempt from the enemy, preventing you to get pleasure from your life.

3) Remind yourself constantly that your decision - cool, and for him to hold. Don't forget that saved from a life of dependence on alcohol.

4) Try to throw at a specified date. Be firm. When large amounts of alcohol, you must first reduce it, in order to ease the process of breaking.

5) Remove all alcoholic containers from home.

6) do Not prepare meals with the addition of wine.

7) Buy a second purse, so that when the first thoughts about alcohol, to put his money. In the end, will be affected by the amount.

8) Purchase itself is not very expensive bracelet or ring in order to remind myself that no longer will these hands to touch alcohol.

9) Drink a lot of water.

10) Never try to use more alcohol or one drink.

11) do Not explain to your friends why you have tied with alcohol, but do not try to force others to do the same thing you do. Most will try to convince you that it was easier with his own addiction.

12) Remember that this decision is most important in your life.

13) do Not need to avoid situations where there is drinking, but instead possess a good mood and don't forget that you can have a good time without alcohol.

14) Learn the prayer, phrase or rhyme and repeat, if you are going to lose control of himself.

15) In the first week it is advisable to take vitamin "B", because alcohol interferes with the body to get it yourself. The disadvantage of this vitamin affects brain activity.

16) Try to change your routine lifestyle, for example, add a visit to his parents, spending time with friends.

Who overcomes himself, the Almighty.

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