Tips how to choose the right diet

Probably, there is no woman who would never in my life thought about the need to get rid of excess weight. Every day hundreds of thousands of women faced with the difficult choice of an effective diet. Particularly acute problem to get a few pounds of excess weight in the winter, when the movement is reduced almost completely, with no motivation to Shine on the beach perfect form.

Besides, winter is the season of the long-awaited holidays and feasts, when it is impossible to resist a variety of dishes to elegant table, and all the holiday meals are often extremely high in calories. And here is the effect after a few weeks the scales inevitably begin to show increasing family kilograms, which leads women into a state of horror and makes a quick hop on the first available diet, which is deemed the most effective. Often the choice of diet is not the most correct, but the diet is not the most balanced, as one desire is to lose weight as quickly as possible. Before choosing a diet will be useful to read the reviews about the diets of the other girls, maybe you will find an optimal diet.

Most dieters who so confidently promised all the lightning and a wasp waist in the shortest possible time, can't quite fix the result, which leads to the fact that after a very short time all suffered long-awaited effect is reduced to zero. In addition, some unbalanced diets lead to a constant state of nervousness, irritability and apathy, and among the most disappointing of the possible consequences - real problems with digestion and gastro-intestinal tract, which will need to treat afterwards. Therefore, even if the girlfriend enthusiastically assures that the lost ten pounds in a couple weeks, adhering to some magical diet, blindly go on about to jeopardize their own health is impossible. The most important principle when choosing a diet is primarily a safety.

To correctly identify from a multitude of diets most suitable needs:

- immediately to determine what weight should be reset;

- to set for themselves the approximate time of obtaining the desired result;

to determine the time interval of the diet, taking into account the optimal number of dropped pounds.

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Among other things, an important condition for the successful struggle against excess weight is the need to rethink their usual diet and physical activity, as the returns after diet in the normal state can cause dropped weight again.

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