Tip for parents: children should learn to understand the emotions

Researchers from the University of Michigan found that if the teach children to understand the emotions from early childhood, to a more conscious age, they are unlikely to encounter behavior problems. In total the study involved 89 children from low-income families. Their ages ranged from 18 months to two years.

Mother with her children consider a book with illustrations. The plot of the book was simple and emotional: the main character lost his pet, and then found it. Scientists suggested mothers to talk to their children about emotions described in the book. Moreover, it was necessary not only to talk about individual emotion, but also to associate with her living situation, which got the child.

After seven months, the researchers met again with children. Fewest problems with training were in families that talked to your child about emotions, explained the features of the behavior of adults and children. When a child learns emotions, scientists believe, it applies in their life to share their views, needs and desires, the Need for aggressive behavior this eliminates.

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