Tincture of Valerian will help in the fight against insomnia

Scientists from Norway managed to strike one of the challenges of the 21st century - insomnia. Today, many people, tired of the frantic pace and bustle, are increasingly faced with sleep disorders. The main cause of this problem remains for many the fatigue and stress that a person is exposed to during the day. Norwegian experts have found a fairly simple and at the same time effective way of getting rid of insomnia. To do this, one will need only a tincture of Valerian. Experts recommend that people with sleep disorder, before you sleep, breathe pairs of Valerian tincture. We should breathe a pair of tincture two to three times each nostril and do it strictly before going to sleep.

To use this technique should be no more than four months. At first, doctors recommend to observe safety precautions as for the unprepared person is fraught with headaches. Also, this therapy is useful for hypertension and for people who have problems with blood pressure.

As found by the study, after one or two months of such prevention in most people with heart disease were observed improvement. In addition, Valerian tincture is useful for absolutely healthy people, as in this case, it normalizes the overall health and improves sleep. Most importantly, do not continue to use this method of treatment for more than four months.

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