Thrush during pregnancy, symptoms and treatment

Pregnant women thrush or candidiasis is a very common disease. It is believed that most people are carriers of Candida, however the disease can in life does not occur. There are several factors that contribute to the signs of a yeast infection, including such factors include pregnancy. To cause exacerbation of the disease during pregnancy can a variety of factors:

- wearing coarse underwear,

- sex acts are frequent and rough,

- antibiotics and hormones,

- beriberi,

- errors in diet (excessive consumption of sweets, citrus),

- reduced immunity. In addition, during pregnancy creates very good conditions for development of the disease changes the microflora of the vagina and hormonal changes in the body (increased levels of sex hormones).

The main symptoms of a yeast infection is unpleasant itching in the genital area, and highlighting, which have specific cheesy character and sour smell. In the diagnosis of this disease, in addition to clinical symptoms using direct microscopic examination of smears from vagina. If the smear has not given positive results, and the clinical symptoms are present, using the culture method for detection of the pathogen. For this purpose, the material is taken sown in the special environment and expect growth of fungi of the genus Candida.

Treatment of yeast infection during pregnancy should be monitored by the attending physician. Self-medicate to deal with dangerous because many drugs are contraindicated for pregnant women. For local treatment often use Clotrimazole or Miconazole". Welcome traditional methods of treatment that are most safe in pregnancy, but the effect of them, unfortunately, are often short-lived. Among them are common: the cleaning of the genital organs saline solutions, bath with calendula and chamomile, the cleaning of the genital organs with a decoction of oak bark. But the main treatment is the determining factor caused the recurrence of candidiasis, with its subsequent elimination. For example, if the cause of the disease is a deficiency, it is necessary taking multivitamins if inappropriate antibiotics, you should avoid taking them.

With regard to sex, men can also be carriers of Candida, so you should use a condom. Pregnant women should also wear comfortable underwear made of cotton, because wearing synthetic underwear provokes an aggravation of a yeast infection and causes an unpleasant smell.

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For successful treatment it is necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations and regularly appointed to take the tests. Although thrush in pregnancy - this is a very nasty disease, but it is very easily treated. And if you cure it forever impossible, to reduce the frequency of relapse is very real.

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