Thrush after birth

Thrush is the most common female genital infection, the causative agent of which is a yeast-like fungus Candida (Candida). A feature of this disease is the possibility of multiple lesions, because the fungus has trapnest to cells not only the vagina but also the mouth and intestines. Very often thrush are facing pregnant or recently given birth to women, due to reduced immunity and other factors. The yeast fungus Candida is an integral part of the normal microflora of the vagina and is considered to be opportunistic, that is the norm not the calling of the pathological process. However, when the body is a fault (including protective forces of an organism), Candida rapidly begins to multiply and cause damage, causing candidiasis of different localization. Among the classic symptoms of this disease are: itching of the vulva, whitish-yellow cheesy vaginal discharge, white patches, painful feelings that accompany the process of urination. More about the thrush and the reasons for it can be found on the website in this article let us look at the yeast infection after giving birth.

Thrush after childbirth can be a consequence of the following processes:

• hormonal changes women due to "new" condition. In pregnant women, hormonal changes compared with non-pregnant women. More active production of certain hormones affect the change of the normal microflora composition;

• untreated yeast infection during pregnancy can be the disease not only given birth to the woman, but also her baby. The baby passing through the birth canal of the mother, becomes infected with thrush, which is localized at it primarily in the oral cavity;

• transmission of the infectious agent from the child to the mother during breast feeding if child has contracted the disease during birth, and localization of the pathological process have on the oral cavity).

Noticing the main symptoms of the disease, do not panic. Fortunately candidiasis currently lends itself well to therapy modern pharmaceutical drugs. If the mother feeds the baby's chest, we should not abandon it, noticing the first symptoms of a yeast infection. In order to get rid of this disease, you must consult a specialist who will help you choose the best treatment for the mother and her child. In order to avoid recurrence of this disease in the future. it is recommended to take preventive treatments.

During pregnancy should be carefully and very carefully monitor the health condition, including the condition of the oral cavity. Weak soda solution is the best means of preventing candidal lesions of the oral cavity.

For the prevention of vaginal candidiasis, it is recommended to observe the following rules: to monitor the hygiene of the genital organs (daily pidmyvannya), wearing underwear only from natural materials, no synthetics, underwear should not be tight and RUB the perineum.

Important preventive measure is the restriction of the use characterisic food. It is extremely important to include in the daily diet of milk and dairy products.

Hygienic treatment of hands is an integral part of the hygiene of the mother during pregnancy and especially after childbirth. If the thrush still managed to penetrate into the body after treatment is strongly recommended to boil underwear mother and baby, as well as bedding and towels, and then ironed with a hot iron.

To preserve the well-being of mother and baby, it is strongly recommended to perform complex preventive measures (this you can do yourself at home). In case of detection of clinical symptoms of candidiasis, you need to immediately consult a doctor for advice. In any case do not try to treat yourself, so you can cause only harm to the body.

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