Through bans children not be taught to eat right, say scientists

Specialists conducted a global analysis of 43 studies scholars from around the world. Assessing positive and negative methods of training your child the basics of good nutrition, the researchers concluded that the prohibitions to instill good habits is very difficult. This reports Zee News.

Parents should explain to their children why a particular product is harmful to health. Negative information and categorical bans work best on specialists who know a lot about a person's health. Ordinary people need clarification, and it's not just about children.

Scientists give an example of how to force a child to eat an Apple instead of cookies. Need to explain that in baking contains a lot of nutrients, their excess can lead to obesity. Nobody wants to be fat and suffer the ridicule of their peers at himself, right?

It is clarification and positive aspects of the training will allow the child to form a correct perception of a healthy diet. Note, scientists from the Medical center Children's hospital of Cincinnati in the experiment introduced in elementary school the award for selection of healthy food for Breakfast in school. The method has been quite effective.

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