Three quarters of Russians "both hands" for a tough fight against Smoking

On the website of the new bill was a survey about the attitude of Russians to the project, which tightens norms for the sale and consumption of tobacco products. From the votes of citizens of the Russian Federation advocated the project was 72,5%, the rest were opposed.

The biggest response from the population found such proposed measures as strengthening the control of tobacco use among minors. 21% voted for a serious increase in cigarette prices, 18 for a complete ban on Smoking in public places.

Guests of the website themselves offered their measures against Smoking, for example, to impose high fines for selling to minors of tobacco products, further expand the area of the ban on Smoking in public places. There have been proposals on the sale of cigarettes only in special shops.

The draft law "On health protection of population from consequences of tobacco consumption" was developed by the Ministry in view of Russia's accession to the Convention who fight against Smoking.

As previously noted in the Ministry, for the treatment of smokers spent ten times more money than the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the fight against Smoking.

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Annually in Russia tobacco causes to 17 percent of deaths, smoke on the country, 40 percent of the adult population, which is the highest rate among those taking part in tobacco study countries.

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