Three original and quick method of disinfection of dental prosthesis

Dentures are hundreds of thousands of people around the world left without natural teeth. But they need to be taken care of, because in the process of wearing them covered with a sticky layer of bacteria, the so-called biofilm. It can live dangerous to human bacteria, such as resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

When in the mouth microcracks these pathogens may contribute to the development of severe diseases, such as pneumonia, heart disease.

Rinse from such bacteria prosthesis useless, they cling tightly to the porous material from which the prosthesis and manufactured.

Researchers from Brazil is ready to provide three simple but effective way of getting rid of dangerous bacteria in the dental prosthesis.

First and unexpected - just put on three minutes prosthesis in the microwave. This revolutionary innovation can become an everyday practice for all patients.

The second ten minutes soak the denture in the two percent chlorhexidine gluconate, such protection will last for a week at least.

Third, not so effective for the duration of a disinfecting effect, soaking in sodium hypochlorite.

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