Three new experimental method for the control of AIDS

Cuba begins testing a new vaccine for AIDS in humans, reported scientists at the International conference on biotechnology in Havana.

While the principle of the vaccine lasts Cuban scientists in secret, however it is known that successful testing it on rodents have already been completed.

Cuban researcher Enrique Iglesias stated that clinical trials in humans will be held under the most careful supervision. To speak of full success in treating people from a horrible disease early.

American scientists decided to fight HIV and AIDS in a different way - they decided to direct the action of each of the diseases against each other. Get rid of the virus, according to doctors, will be carried out by using experimental vaccines and cytomegalovirus, which will remain in the body forever. It will strengthen the immunity of the person that will help him defeat HIV.

Besides Italian and canadian scientists have discovered a bacterium Rhizobium, which contains molecules of lipooligosaccharide contained in the human immunodeficiency virus. This molecule protects the virus produced by the immune system antibodies to the virus.

Scientists Ralph Pantofle believes that the key to an effective vaccine against HIV. For E. create a need to connect the molecule with protein, which will be in the body to stimulate the production of specific antibodies that can recognize and attack the human immunodeficiency virus.

This technology was used earlier against viruses, bacterial pneumonia and meningitis. If scientists can find the funding, the new vaccine will be released in the next two years.

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