Three IT-billionaires together with their spouses have established the prize in medicine

The top three billionaires in the field of Internet technologies: Yuri Milner, founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg with his wife and co-founder of Google Sergey Brin, too, together with his wife, Mrs. Anna Wolitski are the founders award for achievements in the medical field, reports the Guardian.

In an interview with Milner expressed the hope that many young people will begin to understand that to gain popularity, it will be possible not only making a career in sports or show business. The award, which is 3 000 000 dollars, will be issued to any scientist, who made the discovery in the treatment of disease or prolong the duration of human life.

Only recently were the names of 11 scientists who were winners of the prize. They will be included in the selection panel, which will evaluate the work of the following nominees. The award Fund Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Foundation, which was founded jointly by Milner, Zuckerberg and Brin. As the chair of the Board of Directors of the Fund Manager the Board of Directors of the company "Apple" Art Levinson.

Last year, Zuckerberg with his wife took second place in the ranking of the most generous people involved in charity. Last year they made donations totaling $ 500 million. And Milner previously was the founder of the prize for achievements in the field of fundamental physics. The size of this award amounted to $ 3 million.

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