Three-dimensional printing will help in the fight against male baldness

Research group, L'oréal has offered to print the hair follicles on a 3D printer. Scientists have already tried out the technology and got first positive results. Together with the company Poietis the techniques that developers plan to make the print device available to everyone, writes the Daily Mail.

As "ink" the printer uses a biological tissue, which is applied to the matrix with high accuracy. As a result, possible to create a hair follicle. The survival of such structures, according to preliminary data, exceeds 95%. Further transplanting bulbs can save people from areas of baldness. The need to extract hair follicles from areas of hair growth with voids.

The creation of an artificial follicle occurs layer by layer. The creation of the party for the operation required about three weeks. During this time the follicles ripen and become ready for transplant.

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