Thousands of students will become donors in donor Day of age"

"The day of donor age" is one of the stages in the Program for the development of voluntary blood donation and the donation of blood and its components in the RF. The campaign was launched on 8 and will last until November 15, with the support of Minzdravsocrazvitia Russia and the Federal medical-biological Agency.

Participants should be students who have reached the age of 18 years. This event in the social life of students is carried out in Russia for the second time.

Mental age and level of maturity of the person, not the factors that can be measured by the number of years lived, about how Mature man, say his actions, decisions, and most importantly, taking responsibility for them. Donate blood on a Pro Bono basis - a vivid example of Mature action with a strong public position.

The scheme of the campaign includes working with students on the blood transfusion stations, as well as the placement of mobile collection points and blood in universities and colleges of the country. Participants are encouraged to celebrate its coming of age, first blood and to enter adulthood by becoming a donor.

Mass blood donation among students will run until November 15, and will take over 150 educational institutions in different regions of the country. At the moment it is collected more than 350 liters of blood in 20 cities of the country.

In Moscow the Day of donor age" will be based in PMGA name I. M. Sechenov. Medical students who recently celebrated its 18th anniversary will have the first opportunity to prove themselves as blood donors, others can too become donors again in the framework of the promotion.

The results of voluntary action comments the assistant Minister of health and social development of the Russian Federation, Sofia Malyavina, noting that students number of students supported mass unpaid blood donation is large enough. Former members of such shares may then become donors and volunteers donor movement. The campaign aims to draw people's attention to the problem of donation, as well as in the conscious formation of new traditions.

Details of the donation, advice on preparing for the process, contraindications, as well as the address of the nearest blood transfusion stations can be found on the promotions page:

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or by phone toll-free hotline Service blood 8-800-333-33-30.

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