Thoughts about the training as effective as the training of scientists

Scientists from Ohio state University proved that to think about physical exercise as useful as going for a workout in the gym. The study involved two groups of volunteers.

Each person scientists put a cast on the wrist. Every day, volunteers from the first group were within 11 minutes to present the muscles of the wrist. The second group did not receive any recommendations, reports The Daily Mail.

Scientists have discovered the immense power of thought, which helped the people from the first group to keep the muscles of the wrist in the best condition. In addition, the psychological impact of activated paths in the brain responsible for conducting impulses to the muscles.

Information about the relationship of the higher nervous centers with muscle activity known to scientists for a long time. Many athletes have resorted to the method of visualization in preparation for the competition. Before you perform a complex action, they think through all the details in my head, then to implement exercise into reality.

More research is needed to prove the effectiveness of imaginary training in rehabilitation therapy for injuries.

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