Thought can trigger bronchial asthma - the scientists

Bronchial asthma is an allergic condition that is associated with an increase in the reactivity of the cells of the bronchi. The main symptoms of asthma - wheezing, coughing, difficult detachable sputum. Scientists from the centre of Monell in Philadelphia found that an asthma attack can cause even thought about the allergen, if it represents a great danger for a person who writes Health Day.

Thus, scientists have found a connection between psychological aspects of asthma and cellular mechanisms of disease. The study was reviewed 17 cases of asthma of moderate severity. Each patient is under the supervision of physicians had to smell phenethyl alcohol for 15 minutes. Usually the connection is easily tolerated and does not cause allergies. Nine volunteers said that this substance has a negative impact on people with asthma and can cause suffocation. Others said that alcohol will help to cope with the disease.

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The perception of smell, as it turns out, is determined not only by cellular mechanisms, but also human psychology. Volunteers who have been informed about the dangers of connection felt irritation of the respiratory tract. The second group of volunteers cough or shortness of breath is not expressed.

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