Those who live closer to the bar, have a much greater risk of becoming alcoholics

Dangerous neighborhood discovered Finnish scientists who observed 55 of thousands of volunteers. They are installed: the closer the bar is to the place of residence of the person, the greater the likelihood of becoming an alcoholic. These findings, according to Reuters, made after seven years of observations.

According to experts, among the people, from the place of residence where the nearest bar was about 120 meters heavy drinkers accounted for nine percent. And if the distance was increased to 2.4 kilometres, this value decreased to 7.5 percent. When moving person and the reduction of the distance to pubs per kilometer risk of becoming an alcoholic increased by 17 percent.

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Initially, the researchers conjecture that in the areas adjacent to the bars move drinkers. However, those closer "moved" themselves institutions, the results were similar.

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