Thorax deformation - causes and treatment

Deformity of the chest - this disease may not have a negative effect on the organs that are located in this division: heart and lungs. Disturbed by their activities, increasing the load that affects the entire body as a whole. This disease can be congenital or acquired.

The main reasons for

As mentioned earlier, it is divided into two main forms: congenital and acquired. In the first case, the reasons for the development of this pathology can be the following:

- irregular shape of the bone;

impaired skeletal development;

- no items chest wall;

- pathology of the diaphragm;

- improper development of connective tissue and cartilage.

In the second case, the reasons for the emergence of chest deformity following:

- lung disease;

- scoliosis;

- tuberculosis of the bone;

- injuries;

- rickets.

Treatment methods

To treat this disease is difficult because it is a sufficiently serious breach. In severe cases, the patient is constantly forced to wear a corset. As a rule, conservative treatment does not bring any results, if the patient's condition continues to deteriorate, disrupted the organs located in the thoracic Department, the doctors offered to do the surgery. Usually surgery is done for patients with congenital disease, once the child reaches six or seven years. But, unfortunately, unable to help about 40% of patients, in other cases, doctors do not achieve the desired results.

Modern methods of treatment in some cases allow you to remedy the defect by means of two magnets. One to put on the site, which should be adjusted, and the other is set in such a place, so that their interaction gave rise to a certain power, which can be used to correct the defect.

However, if the disease is acquired, as a rule, it is caused by other diseases, it rarely poses a threat to human life. The main goal of treatment in time to prevent further deformation of the chest, to avoid surgical intervention. In order to straighten the spine of the person recommended to do special exercises.

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In this disease is not recommended to self-medicate, because you can only hurt yourself, seek help from a podiatrist and he will prescribe you the right treatment.

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