This year in Europe from lung cancer will die 82640 women

For quite a long time cancer of the breast was on the first place among the causes of death of European women suffering from cancer. But now breast cancer passed leading position not less dangerous and deadly cancer - lung cancer. He became the leading causes of female deaths in the UK and Poland.

Scientists explain the fact that in the sixties and seventies of the last century, many women are addicted to Smoking. Therefore, the trend of lung cancer in the coming years will be strengthened. Reducing mortality doctors expect after 2020 years, since our days in Europe, many people quit Smoking.

Oncologists estimated that this year alone from lung cancer will die 82640 women, and breast cancer - 88886. By 2015 this proportion will be broken, and from lung cancer will start to die more than from breast cancer. The analysis of the EU countries showed growth of cancer patients in General. It refers to such countries as France, Germany, Italy, Poland, UK and Spain.

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It is known that the average life expectancy in Europe has increased, and became more effective treatment of cancer. However, indices of female deaths from cancer in Europe continue to grow, no matter what. In its place among the causes of deaths remains pancreatic cancer in both men and women. In 1/3 of cases to blame diabetes and Smoking.

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