Thinner people can eat junk food scientists

Experts from Vanderbilt University have proved that thinner people do not have to completely give up bad food. It is only necessary to control her portions, writes Psych Central. The balance between useful and harmful products will achieve results similar to the "extreme" diets.

Not all slimming know, and how to cook delicious healthy food. This is one of the main problems with weight loss. If you find a point of balance between oily and fried" and "fresh and healthy", then the results will not keep you waiting. Scientists say the ratio of 1 to 4 or 1 to 2.

Here is an example. The need for fast-food, you can satisfy the "child" portion of fries or a small Burger from a well known fast food chains. This will be enough to remember and enjoy the taste of harmful food, but not to Novitates" extra calories.

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If you need a bite to eat, it is better to eat an Apple, yogurt, vegetable salad. Not always useful food should be bland and unappetizing. Spices and special preparation methods can improve the situation for the better.

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