Think about the good - mental health guaranteed!

Thinking about the good you can avoid dementia in old age - this is the conclusion of scientists who evaluated the results of large-scale studies.

According to a new study, people who assess their health as poor, are more likely to develop dementia in old age. Moreover, this estimate is not associated with the current physical status of the patient, and is the subjective opinion of the person.

More than eight thousand people aged 65 years and older gave their subjective assessment of their own health, and then observed by specialists within seven years. In the course of the study, 618 people developed dementia. Scientists have noted, the risk of developing dementia was higher at 70 percent of those who gave a low rating to their health compared with those who rated their health as good.

Leading specialist in the study, Dr. Christoph Tzori, said: "Subjective evaluation of one's health can be for doctors simple tool to determine the risk of dementia, even in those patients who have no symptoms of reducing memory".

In addition, the researchers noted that people already have cognitive impairment and poor assessment of his health the risk of dementia is increased in two times.

Think positive and live happily and healthily!

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