Things to do in Haifa, Israel

If you are going to go to Israel, you can be sure that this country can offer you a holiday to suit every taste and self tours will allow you to spend your vacation with the most interesting and fun. By booking online, you can confidently go, because you will already have reserved a hotel room with a full range of quality services.

In any city in Israel exciting excursions, wonderful holiday at the seaside and walking in beautiful places, but the most attractive tourist destination of many tourists consider Haifa, one of the largest cities in the country, famous for its natural landscapes, historical monuments and ample opportunities to practice water sports.

Most of the urban areas is located at the foot of majestic mount Carmel, on the slopes which is one of the sacred places of the Jewish people - the cave of Elijah the prophet, as well as Bahai temple, decorated with unique hanging gardens and landscaped terraces. In the gardens you can see the tomb of Ali Mohamed, a Martyr of the Bahai religion, whose remains were brought from Persia and was buried in Haifa.

Not less remarkable is the Carmelite monastery, the walls of which is a large collection of paintings on the life of the monks, and the statue of the virgin Mary, made of cedar wood with a porcelain head. Near the monastery is the site of the cable car, where you can descend to the coast, enjoying the path scenic views of the city and its surroundings.

Among the more modern buildings in Haifa highlights the complex Technion, built by the German architect Alexander Berwald in the beginning of XX century. At the present time there is a technological Institute, the Museum of science of technology, an amphitheater, shops and many other facilities, and the entire complex covers an area of over 300 hectares.

Lovers of marine recreation in Haifa explore the beautiful sandy beaches, clubs, scuba diving and surfing, great swimming pools and yachting. Right on the coast there are many comfortable hotels, restaurants offering national Israeli cuisine, entertainment and children's rides.

At any time you can go for a walk in a beautiful Park gun-a-Um, visit the local zoo or visit the Haifa Museum, the exhibition which is devoted to ancient and modern art, Ethnography and folklore. Also interesting Maritime Museum with models of ships, old maps and other items illustrating the history of navigation.

Around the city you can also find many historical monuments and interesting sights. In Ancient Caesarea National Park are the ruins of the aqueduct and the Roman theater, which hosts concerts in the framework of the Israel festival, and on a small Peninsula in 16 kilometers from Haifa stretched Crusader castle Atlit. Unfortunately, at present the castle is a military zone, so to admire you from afar.

You can visit the reserve Sahne with tropical fauna and hot springs, to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Beit Shearim or explore the impressively large Elevator Dagon Silo. Haifa is able to give you the best days of rest and create for you an atmosphere of celebration. If you make an online booking tickets to Cyprus, then you will be offered no less amazing sights, beautiful beaches with lacquer sea and warm sand, and self tours will exceed all your expectations.

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