Thin women will not do IVF

Scientists from the Centre for increasing fertility in Chicago analyzed 2500 women in the IVF clinic and came to the conclusion that women with excess weight was 50 percent chance of getting pregnant, however slim women this chance was reduced to one third.

Thinness reduces a woman's fertility, it also causes irregular periods and hormonal disruptions. However, scientists did not expect that thinness will be a factor if the artificial insemination, as before fertilization women undergo hormonal treatment.

The ideal body mass index women wishing to become pregnant should be between 19 to 30. The researchers divided the patients of the clinic into three groups - with a BMI of 14 to 18, with a normal BMI is between 19 and 28 and obesity - from 29 to 43. The results showed that among lean women, only 34 percent were able to have a baby. On the other hand, among obese women gave birth to a baby at 45 procentov. The highest percentage of births to 50 percent were women with a healthy and close to that weight.

In connection with these research clinics in the UK may not accept the candidacy of women on artificial insemination, if the index weight of her body below 16.

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