There was an explosion on Russian submarine in India

On Board the Russian diesel-electric submarine explosion occurred. The disaster occurred in the Indian ocean. At the moment, the exact cause is established. Scientists believe that the explosion was caused by the rapid leak-related cases have already met in practice and had similar consequences.

500 battery on the submarine, it is necessary to recharge every few months. This procedure requires the presence of a large number of technicians and workers. Therefore, to combat the submarine at the time of the explosion were a lot of staff, although the vessel itself did not carry out military duty.

Previously, in 2010, was recorded in a similar case. Then the boat was on fire, which injured three people, one of them died. As a result, experts have found the reason: in one of the batteries incorrectly operated valve of the leaked hydrogen.

The real disaster happened on Wednesday, the military port. The release was accompanied by a powerful explosion and fire. With this situation efficiently managed: the fire was quickly extinguished 10 fire crews. Unfortunately, the boat sank and two dozen sailors missing. Those who failed to get admitted. Commission for the investigation of the incident has already started work. The first fragments and traces of the explosion has already been discovered and described.

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